Top 10 Must See Locations in Scotland for Outlander Fans


Are you a fan of the wildly popular Outlander series? Whether you’ve watched the show or read the original books by Diana Gabaldon you’ll probably be aware that a large number of scenes in Outlander are set in the midst of the beautiful scottish scenery. In fact, most of the first three seasons is set in Scotland.

There’s no denying the series, following time-travelling Claire Randall through 1700s Scotland, has provided a massive boost to Scottish tourism and many all across the world. If you haven’t seen the series yet, the first 2 seasons are now on Netflix so you’ve no excuse! (You can catch it on Amazon prime, too.) With beautiful Scottish scenery, a glimpse into clan life based on historic events and actor Sam Heughan playing a lead role, what’s not to love?

Even if you have no interest in the books or T.V. series, the below list of locations still make for fantastic trips in their own right - each location is filled with history and spectacular scenery and all are well-worth a visit. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 exceptionally splendid locations that feature in the world-famous Outlander series:

1. Clava Cairns


This ancient landmark became an overnight success after featuring in the Outlander novel in 2014. In both novel and series, it is believed that the fictitious stone circle Craigh na Dun is deeply inspired by this ancient stone burial site. link.

2. Doune Castle


This beautiful medieval castle was built by the Duke of Albany in the late 14th Century. It is in fact the fictional Castle Leoch in Outlander, where the MacKenzie clan live. It is on these grounds that Claire works, as she cultivates the herb garden which in the series is part of Castle Leoch’s premises. This castle is quite famous and has been seen on several other film sets such as Game of Thrones! Doune Castle Historic Scotland.

3. Culloden Battlefield

This is a famous Scottish battlefield where many clans fought eachother throughout history. The Frasers and the MacKenzies are examples of such clans, who fought in the 18th Century Jacobite Rising. On this battlefield, Claire and Jamie are filmed saying tearful goodbyes in the third season’s Premiere episode. To learn more about the blood-stained history that took place on the site, you are able to visit the Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre which is nearby! National Trust for Scotland Culloden.

4. Blackness Castle


This unusually shaped fortress overlooking the Firth of Forth estuary is used as the setting for Jonathan Randall’s headquarters in the Outlander series. Also known as ‘’Black Jack’’, his ex-artillery fortress represents his position of power in the story. Blackness Castle Historic Scotland.

5. Falkland


The Outlander series opens with a beautiful scene set in the town of Falkland. Parts of the city falls under the Scottish National Trust and as a whole, it is beautifully preserved. Outlander fans can even spend the night in the fictional guest house belonging to Mrs. Baird, which in real life is called The Covenanter Hotel. Falkland.

6. Highland Folk Museum

This beautiful museum located in Newtonmore features replicas of turf-roof houses, made in a traditional fashion. This makes it an ideal filming location for Outlander, and different shots of the museum feature throughout the series to bring authenticity to 18th century scenes. Highland Folk Museum.

7. Linlithgow Palace


This stunning location was once the royal home of the Stewart Kings of Scotland. The palace stands for the fictional Wentworth prison in the Outlander series. Whilst quite a distressing place in the series, it is a beautiful place to visit in real life, run and preserved by Historic Scotland. (P.S. don’t miss the jousting!) Historic Scotland Linlithgow Palace.

8. Aberdour Castle


This castle is one of the oldest known stone castles of Scotland. It’s hall house stands solid since the 12th century, whilst its painted ceiling was elaborated in the 17th century, and has been perfectly preserved since then. In Outlander, the castle represents a monastery. It is in this monastery that Jamie recovers from his wounds inflicted by Black Jack. Aberdour Castle and Gardens.

9. Culross in Fife

This Scottish Royal Burgh still has a very strong resemblance to a 17th century city, as it has barely been altered since that time period! Indeed, it is being conserved by the National Trust as a Scottish gem. In Outlander, Culross is the fictional village of Cranesmuir, where Geillis Duncan- Claire’s friend- lives. Culross Village. 

10. Deanston Distillery


The picturesque distillery appears in Episode 1 of Season 2 of Outlander, ‘’Through a Glass, Darkly’’. Jared’s wine warehouse set in Le Havre is in fact filmed in this Scottish distillery, located beside Doune Castle. Before being a distillery however, the building was originally a cotton mill! Today, it produces single malt whiskey, the Deanston Highland Single malt. Be sure to swing by for a dram! Deanston Distillery.



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